About Us

The founder of OHA Week, the New York State Occupational Health Clinic Network (OHCN), is the nation’s only state-based occupational health clinic network and is comprised of 11 regionally based clinical centers, including one with a specific focus on agricultural medicine. The network was created in 1987 to offer specialized medical diagnoses, high-quality care and support services for workers with occupational (work-related) illnesses. The OHCN uses multidisciplinary teams of physicians, industrial hygienists, health educators and social workers working closely with workers, labor organizations, employers and others to help prevent, diagnose and treat work-related illness and injury. The Network offers prevention consultation and advice to employees and employee groups, employers, health care professionals and others, partnering with unions, employers and other entities to help identify unsafe conditions, evaluate the risks to workers, and methods to eliminate or reduce the risks. For more information and a complete listing of network listings state wide visit the Department of Health Occupational Health Clinic Locations website.

Supporting OHA Week, occupational health and safety initiatives and education for workers nationwide, are a number of other organizations and entities state and nationwide,  including unions, COSH groups, professional organizations, immigrant advocate groups, and others. If you would like to be a supporting organization for OHA week please fill out this form and we will add you to the list of supporters on the website!